About Libra

Sanskrit name: Tula
Meaning of Name: The Scales
Type: Air – Cardinal – Positive

Libra Sign

Libra is the seventh sign and the only inanimate sign of the zodiac. The sign epitomizes balance and fairness. The sign restores equilibrium to all affairs, no matter how big or small it is. The energy of the sign settles a major and ethical conflict. It will stop at nothing to establish interpersonal and aesthetic consonance.

How to recognize Libra?

Libra individuals will focus more on partnerships. However, they will prioritize the needs of others. They hate being rude to others. Also, they hate large crowds and they hate being alone as well. They admire harmony and love gentleness and peace around them. Hence, they become mediators and patch up the quarrels happening between others whenever possible. Still, they enjoy healthy arguments with people. They often want things to go smoothly. They are also very level headed And therefore can be sought after for practical solutions. However, they can stir up a lot of controversy with their attitude and behavior. They are calm, perfectly balanced, sweet, gracious and charming individuals and hence, seldom rush or hurry. They also tend to run out of energy easily. They demand space whenever they feel pressured or crowded. But when they are down or upset, they can be annoying, quarrelsome, stubborn, restless, depressed and confused. But this does not last long. They tend to balance themselves very fast and manage to be cool and also look calm. Both Libra man and woman are fascinated by balance and symmetry. However, they are in a constant chase for justice and equality. For them, their core personality is truly important and this they have realized through experiences in life.
Libra individuals possess constant mental stimuli, strong intellect, and a keen mind. They are magnetic, attractive and highly sought after individuals. They can charm anyone and also draw the attention of many people. They are fond of social aspects as well. Also, they are very cheerful and loyal to their friends and close ones. So they often have a large social circle and many trustworthy friends. Hence, they constantly go through inner struggle as they find it hard to make everyone feel special. Usually, they like to be the center of attention, but avoid a straightforward approach for the same. There are many secret qualities to explore about Libra. Ask our expert astrologers!

All About Libra

Date Range: September 23 – October 22
Domicile: Venus
Detriment: Mars
Exaltation: Saturn
Fall: The Sun
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Symbol: The Scales
Tarot card: Justice
Fellow signs: Gemini, Aquarius
Compatible signs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Most Compatible Signs: Gemini
Opposite Signs: Aries
The Symbol denotes: Harmony, justice and a balanced nature
Characteristics: Airy, cardinal, masculine, positive, humane
Noteworthy qualities: Thoughtful, unbiased, graceful, modest, adaptable, persuasive, affectionate, cheerful, sympathetic, generous, tactful, balanced.
Undesirable personality traits: Indecisive, extremist, reckless, hasty, susceptible, aloof, tend to get carried away by others’ opinions.
Favorable things: Concerts at large venues, poetry, expensive jewelry, designer clothes, rich food
Things they hate: Dull or practical people, bullies, being pressured to decide, saying goodnight, hearing the word “maybe”
Birthstone: Diamond, White Sapphire, and White Topaz
Lucky stones: White opal, rutilated quartz, blue tourmaline, moldavite
Lucky Metals: Silver
Lucky day: Friday
Lucky number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60
Birth Colours: All shades of pink, white, shades of blue, pale and light green
Deepest need: Love, romance, social harmony.
Lifetime wish: To love and be loved in return
Mantra for life: I balance, I harmonize
The quality most needed for balance: A sense of self, self-reliance, independence

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