The Five Elements

Five Elements Each and everything in this universe is created out of Five Elements – Air, Water, Fire, Space and Earth, also known as Panchtatva. Panchtatva also works as the foundation stone for all the ancient sciences like Astrology, Ayurveda and Vastu Shastra.

In Vastu Shastra, there are 16 directions out of which there are 4 major – North, South, East and West, 4 cardinal – NorthEast, SouthEast, SouthWest and NorthWest and the other 8 directions lie in between the major and the cardinal directions.

  • From EastNorthEast to SouthEast direction, Air element is prominent.
  • From SouthEast to South direction, Fire element is prominent.
  • From SouthSouthWest to SouthWest, Earth element is prominent.
  • From WestSouthWest to NorthWest, Space element is prominent.
  • From NorthNorthWest to NorthEast, Water element is prominent.

In addition to this, the cardinal directions are made out of combination of two elements i.e. NorthEast direction is composed of major Earth element and minor Water element, SouthEast is composed of Air and Fire, SouthWest is composed of Earth and Space and NorthWest is composed of Space and Water.

The entire universe including stars, planets, sun, moon or any form of life is created out of these five elements and these elements have been designated their respective directions by the experience and study of our gurus and ancestors 12000 years ago. The space/building (home, office or factory) in which we live is also manifested out of these five elements though their proportions may vary depending upon the area occupied by each direction, for example – in a building which is constructed on North- South axis, the proportionate area of North and South directions is more as compared to East and West direction, therefore, the prominence of Water and Fire element is more in that building as compared to Space and Air element.

In this image, the building is constructed on North-South axis and the prominence of Water and Fire element is more as compared to Air and Space elements.
As each direction is dominated by one element, the prominence of elements in a particular building controls the life of its inhabitants. When these elements are in balanced state, the results are positive but when these elements are in imbalanced state, the results are negative.
Vastu Shastra is a complete science and the laws of science states not to believe what people say or what you read rather you should only believe what you see, feel or experience. If you only believe what you see, feel and experience, then only you can manifest your own desires into reality.

For the manifestation of your desires, you have to remove all your past conditionings from your mind and start experience your life as it is. When you start experiencing your life as it is, the process of creation begins. The experience of the world begins with the understanding of Five Elements.
These Five Elements are also associated with the Five Senses of Human Being. Water element is associated with the sense of taste, Air element is associated with the sense of hearing, Fire element is associated with the sense of vision, Earth element is associated with the sense of smell and Space element is associated with the sense of touch. These five senses can also be controlled with balancing of Five Elements in a particular building.
The Five Elements have their cycle of creation and cycle of destruction. Apart from this, there is a cycle of balance which comes into existence for removing the imbalances of elements present in different directions.
Water is responsible for the growth of plants and trees which constitutes Air element i.e. Water creates Air (wood), Wood gets burnt and converted in to Fire, which in turn gets converted into Ashes (Earth) and all the Metals (Space) are extracted out of Earth i.e. Earth creates Space element and when Metals are melted, they gets converted into liquid form (Water). Similarly, Water destroys Fire, Fire destroys Space (as it melts metals), Space destroys Air (Metal cuts Wood), Air destroys Earth (as trees grow in Earth) and Earth destroys (blocks) Water. This cycle is an ongoing process and it led to the creation and destruction of everything that exists in this universe. Let’s understand all the five elements in detail with respect to their directions.


Anything which is in liquid state and anything which has a flowing nature is considered as water. The color of Water element is Blue and its shape is Wavy. So, if these properties including shape, color and nature of water element matches with any object, then the object is considered as the object of water element.
The directions associated with Water element are NorthNorthWest (Attraction), North (Opportunities), NorthNorthEast (Healing) and NorthEast (Clarity).
When water element is balanced in a particular building, its residents have attractive personalities, new money making opportunities flow in their life, they have strong immunity and they get clear insights for fulfilling their purpose of life and for fulfilling their desires.
When water element is imbalanced in a particular building, the residents lack in attracting new opportunities in their life, they have a weaker immune system and fall ill easily and they don’t get a clear picture of what they have to do in their life.
When you nurture plants and trees with water, they grow which means Water element is the creator of Air element. When Water comes in contact with Fire, it destroys it and when Water comes in contact with Earth, it gets blocked. When Metal is heated and converted into its liquid form, it led to the creation of Water element.

The nature of Water element is always flowing. Anything which is in a state of flow is considered as Water element whether they are mental thoughts and feelings for an individual, flow of new opportunities in your life, flow of new insights for growth and prosperity, flow of positive energy in your body for healing and better immunity, etc.

Water element is associated with the sense of taste. Any individual working in the field of taste i.e. food products, restaurants, sweet shops, chocolate industries, bakeries, etc. should have a proper balance of Water element in their buildings whether home, retail outlets and factories for attracting more and more customers. Balanced Water element in food joints provides satisfaction to the sense of taste and it also facilitates the conversion of Water element in to Air as you market their products in your social circle which facilitates their Growth.


Air is the next element in the sequence after Water. Air is the most important element in life and one can not survive in the absence of Air element. Air is also termed as Wood in Feng Shui, the color of Air element is Green and its shape is Rectangle. Oval shape is also considered as Air element even if it is made of Water. When wavy shapes get edges, they gets converted in to Air and the sharp edges in Rectangle are the initialisation of Fire element.
The directions associated with Air element are EastNorthEast (Joy and Refreshment), East (Social Connections) and EastSouthEast (Analysis and Churning).

When Air element is in Balanced State, you enjoy the freedom to try new things in life for more growth and prosperity and you choose gainful insights out of various available options. You also meet gainful people in your society who become the reason for your growth.

When Air element is in imbalanced state in a particular building, the residents feel stuck in their life and cannot take their routine decisions. They also face disputes and problems with their neighbors and fight over small issues.
Air element is associated with the sense of hearing. It is necessary to have balanced Air element in the buildings of people working in Music Industry. People who are in the manufacturing industry of Hearing Aids should also have balanced Air element as Hearing Aids enhances the hearing capacity of an individual and the sense of hearing is associated with Air element.
Your reaction varies when you listen to different things. Let’s take the context of music
– when you listen to soft music, you get peace and relaxation and when you listen to rock music, you get energized. This is how, Air element get converted into Fire and provides a sense of relaxation or energy.


Fire is the next element in the sequence of five elements after Air. Fire element provides the spark and zeal to life. It provides money, security, confidence, peace and relaxation and fire is the driving force behind all the physical activities of life. The color of Fire is Red and its shape is Triangle.
The directions associated with Fire element are SouthEast (Money), SouthSouthEast (Confidence) and South (Peace)

When Fire element is balanced in your building, you enjoy surplus cash in hand, you remain confident and work upon your future targets for more growth and prosperity and while working hard in your life, you stay calm and relaxed even if you keep on running behind your targets.
When Fire element is in imbalanced state in any building, the inhabitants suffer from problems related to blocked payments, insecurity, departmental problems, lack of confidence and zeal to move ahead in life, lethargy and insomnia, etc. Fire is always considered as an auspicious element and when there is an imbalance with fire element in any building, the residents face obstacles in carrying out the auspicious events in their life like marriage, child birth, etc. and they also feel stomach related health problems.
Fire element is associated with the sense of vision. Anything that attracts you towards itself has Fire in dominance. The element associated with SouthEast direction is Venus and in astrology also, Venus has the capability to attract anything.
The gemstone of Venus is Diamond which stands at the top among all Gemstones. People working in industries where the customer buys the product by its look or appearance should have a balanced Fire in their buildings (Home, Offices/showrooms and Workplaces). The Fire related industries include Jewelry, Clothing, Interior Designing, or any other industry in which the products or services gets sold only by its look or appearance.
When anything is burnt, ashes remain in the end, which belongs to earth element i.e. Fire element creates Earth element.


Earth is the next element in sequence after Fire. Earth provides stability in life. Anything which is stable is Earth element. The color of Earth element is Yellow and the shape of Earth element is Square. Earth element is heavy in nature and anything which has heavy weight denotes Earth element. The weight can be in the form of any heavy object or importance of an individual because of his knowledge and skills or his position in the society or family

Earth element can also be noticed in the speech of any individual who is having dominance of Earth element in his buildings. If you notice the speech of Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji, you will find the presence of Earth element and the speech of Mr. Shahrukh Khan has Fire element in dominance. The speech of Shri Dev Anand sahib has Water element in dominance and Mr. Sonu Nigam has Air element in dominance. In this way, by merely analyzing the speech of an individual or by observing your own speech, you can find out which element is dominating you and you can energize the directions related to that element for better results.
The directions associated with Earth element are SouthWest (Skills and Stability) and SouthSouthWest (Let Go and Expenditure).
When Earth element is in balanced state in your buildings, you enjoy stability in all domains of your Life whether it is career, business or relationships, you enjoy constant growth and you have the ability to let go negative energies and unnecessary things from your life. Your expense also turns into investments.
When Earth element is in imbalanced state, you face insecurity in your life, at job front as well as in your relationships. There will be frequent fights at home and your wasteful expenditure increases. Mother Earth is the base for each and everything in this world and imbalance of Earth element causes instability in life.


Space is the next element after earth. Space is extracted out of Mother Earth only and the nature of Space is Expansion. When you see up in the sky, the point till where your sight can reach belongs to Space element. Space element gives you expansion in all domains of your life whether career, gains, knowledge or relations. The color of Space element is Grey or White and its shape is Round (Circle).

Space is created by Mother Earth, which is the source of creation of everything on this planet and Space element is responsible for the manifestation of your desires. In Feng Shui or Chinese Vastu, Space element is considered as Metal.

When a space is defined by boundaries, it creates an effect which facilitates manifestation of desires. The science of defining a particular area of space with boundaries for the purpose of manifestation of a desire is known as Vastu Shastra.

The directions associated with Space element are WestNorthWest (Depression and Detoxification), West (Gains and Expansion) and NorthWest (Support).

When Space element is balanced in your buildings (Home, Office and Factories), you enjoy balance of emotions, fulfillment of your desires with gains in your life and you also get support from everyone when needed at career front as well as home. You get a winning tendency in whatever you do and move towards the expansion of your business or career.

When Space element is imbalanced in your building, you feel stuck and depressed in your life, there will be no material gains and there will be mental imbalance also with respect to your emotional state.

To get rid of this state of mental imbalance and no material gains in life, balance your buildings with the principles of Vastu Shastra and enjoy Growth and Prosperity in your Life.


The 16 Directions Let’s discuss about all the 16 directions which defines the characteristics of each and every building, whether it is a Home, Office or a Factory. The attributes the these 16 directions changes with respect to the problem or target, for example, when you are talking about Relationships, you need to see SouthWest direction of Home and when you are talking about instability in career or Lack of Skills in the employees of an organization, you have to see SouthWest direction of Office or Factory. Also, each and every direction is made by two of its adjoining directions, for example, North is made by NorthNorthWest and NorthNorthEast. To enjoy the benefits of one direction, its adjoining directions must be strong enough to support that direction.
North – New Clients and Orders
North direction attracts all the money making opportunities that you get in your life. North direction is the direction of Lord Kuber, the lord of Wealth and Treasure as per Hindu Mythology. When North direction of a building is in balanced state, the residents of that building are blessed with money and prosperity.
When you give something to the world in the form of your products or services, the world returns you in the form of money and wealth. So, your products and services are

the treasures that you are giving to the world or we can say you are converting your products and services in to money.
North direction provides the power of transformation required for converting your products and services into money. The direction of liquid cash is SouthEast but the path to reach that direction originates from North direction.
North is made by NorthNorthWest (Attraction) and NorthNorthEast (Solutions) directions. NorthNorthWest is the direction of attraction and it helps in attracting customers or clients that are looking for your products and services. If you offer a product or a service to the world and it attracts people, then your products and services will become a treasure for you. NorthNorthEast is the direction of Health and Solutions and it facilitates smooth flow of transactions to convert your treasures in to money when in balanced state.
North direction belongs to Water element and presence of objects related to Fire and Earth element created imbalances in North. Avoid Red or Yellow color, Kitchen, Toilet or Dustbin, etc. in North direction.

NorthNorthEast – Health and Solutions

NorthNorthEast (NNE) direction is the direction of Health and Solutions and it is made by North (Treasures) and NorthEast (Ideas and Vision), an ideal direction for keeping Medicines. A healthy system is the one which is in smooth flow or without any blockages and hindrance. If an individual is getting the right vision and ideas to convert treasures in to money, then there will be no blockages i.e. NNE is in balanced state.
If there is a hindrance, then this direction needs to be checked for imbalances. Toilets, invertor or generator, fire place, red color, junk items, etc. create imbalances in NNE direction and causes severe health problems like lack of immunity and non-curable diseases like Cancer.
As NNE is composed of North and NorthEast, when this direction has imbalances, then there will be blockages in North and NorthEast as well. This direction is ideal for making a relaxing lounge at home and it is also ideal for making Doctor’s sitting in a hospital or clinic.

NorthEast – Ideas and Vision

NorthEast (NE) direction governs all the ideas and vision in our life. Each and every idea comes from the sub-conscious mind with a specific purpose. Our conscious mind needs to be receptive to grab that idea for the fulfillment of that specific purpose.
NE is composed of NNE (Solutions) and ENE (Creativity) directions. A healthy mind can only be governed by a healthy body. If NNE is balanced, then mind is free from blockages and is in a state of receiving new ideas from the sub-conscious mind. When ENE is in balanced state, the ideas that come from sub-conscious mind will be creative and solves the purpose easily and smoothly.
NorthEast direction is best for Meditation and Puja Room. When you enter a temple, your mind automatically switches itself into receptive state. Therefore, when a temple or a puja room is made in NorthEast direction, then the residents become more open for receiving new ideas and insights from the sub-conscious mind for solving their purpose of life and fulfilling their core desires.
There is no fixed rule to meditate daily in NorthEast direction. If a picture of the lord that you worship is placed/hanged in NorthEast direction, your connection with the divine energies is ensured and the purpose of your life gets fulfilled.
Similarly, when temple is placed in other directions, the effects will be different. For example – if temple is placed in EastSouthEast direction, the direction of Analysis and Churning, then there would be over analysis of things and decision making will be difficult. Also, if temple is placed in SouthSouthWest (Disposal) direction, then it disposes your connection with the divine energies and you feel completely disconnected with the whole world.

EastNorthEast – Recreation, Creativity and Joy

EastNorthEast (ENE) direction governs creativity and joy in all areas of your life whether at Home level or at Office level. When you are connected to the diving energies, you feel joyful and when you create your products and services in a state of joy, your products and services attracts the whole world. The energies of ENE direction help an individual to create the best products and services for the world. ENE also facilitates the process of recreation and is the ideal place for making Bathing Area.
ENE is composed of NorthEast (Ideas and Vision) and East (Social Circle and Marketing) directions. NorthEast direction gives ideas and vision for taking decisions related to future growth. When NorthEast is in balanced state, you get creative ideas and switch yourself in a state of joy and happiness. When you switch yourself in to the state of joy, the external world (East) connects with you easily.
ENE gives freshness. Whenever you are having a feel that there is nothing new in your life and you are stuck, you need to check ENE direction of your home. Presence of clutter and old storage items disturbs this direction. If you keep multi-color flowers in a green color pot in ENE, you will feel fresh and get back the lost creativity in your life.
East – Social Circle and Marketing
East direction governs your social circle. All the people that connect with you, whether at your office front (clients) or at home (neighbors and siblings) are governed by East direction. As discussed earlier, you are here on this planet for the fulfillment of a specific purpose. It is very important in our life to make connections with the right people who will help us in fulfilling the purpose of our life. This direction is ideal for making drawing room at home and meeting/conference room at offices.
East direction is composed of EastNorthEast (Creativity and Joy) and EastSouthEast (Analysis) directions. When we are in a state of Joy, we invite the external world to connect with us. We meet people and discuss things related to various aspects of our life. After analyzing all the ideas, we decide the people whom we have to walk with for the fulfillment of our purpose and build a strong Social circle around us. When we choose the right people who support us in the fulfillment of the purpose of our life, we again get filled with utter joy and happiness.
Think of the people who buy your products and services at the rate of your fixed price. Those people are governed by East direction. A politician needs to have deeper connections with the masses for winning elections. Those connections are made by East direction. If an Ecommerce platform is selling products of multiple sellers, it also needs strong connection with the masses for boosting its sales which is fulfilled by East direction.
An imbalance in East direction in people’s home or offices makes them introvert and they cannot express themselves in front of other people. In such cases, it is very difficult to make connections with the outer world which is a must for selling your products and services. Toilet in East direction totally disconnects you with the outer world. Keeping Green Plants strengthens the energies of East direction and helps in building a strong Social circle.

EastSouthEast (ESE) – Analysis and Churning

While taking any decision in your life, you take into consideration various aspects related to the outcome of your decision. The ability to churn various available options and choose the best one amongst them is possessed by EastSouthEast direction.
India is a land of churning and analysis. You must have heard about the beautiful story related to the churning of ocean in ancient times which led to the generation of various gems out of which three were most important – Goddess Laxmiji (goddess of wealth), Amrit (elixir) and Vish (venom).
All these were outcome of churning and they have their own importance like Goddess Laxmiji gives you wealth, Elixir provides longevity and and Venom kills. When there is controlled churning, the outcome is elixir but when the process of churning is in excess, the outcome is venom and on the other hand, no churning produces no result at all.
A controlled churning is a must for good decision making capabilities as excessive churning of ideas leads to nowhere and creates confusion in mind. The next direction after ESE is SouthEast (Fire and Liquid Cash) so this is the ideal place for making kitchen and the ideal activity to be placed in ESE is Mixer or Grinder.
This place is not meant for Toilet as it disposes off your analyzing abilities and you cannot choose the best out of the available options. This place is also not meant for a bedroom as sleeping in this direction leads to excessive thinking over small things which leads to frequent arguments with the family members. In various case studies, where there were frequent arguments between couples, it has been found that they were sleeping in ESE direction and after changing their bed position, their problems were resolved.

SouthEast – Liquid Cash and Security

SouthEast direction governs the liquid cash that stays in your pocket. It is the direction of fire also known as Agney Kon, the corner of fire. As per ESE direction, the balanced churning of ideas leads to gainful decision making and the spark to execute those decisions is governed by SouthEast direction.
Apart from liquid cash, SouthEast direction governs the look and feel of everything, the spark and beauty of your products and services. The first expression of your products and services is governed by their look and feel and it’s the beauty or appearance of your products and services that attracts more and more customers.

If you look around yourself, you will find people with fair complexion and good physic but they might not have as great personalities because of imbalanced Fire in their home and also there are people around you who are dark in complexion and they don’t have a good physic as well but their aura has a special spark that attracts you. Such people have a balanced fire in their home. There are two forms of fire – one is produced after burning of wood or fuel and another one is the spark or security in one’s life.
Fire is always considered auspicious as it is the direction of Goddess Laxmiji who is always seen in Red clothes, the color of Fire. This is why, as per Hindu Mythology, we start each and every process after the initiation of fire by lighting Diyas or by doing Havana.
When SouthEast is imbalanced in any building, the residents of that building suffers from cash crunch and frequent accidents. There would also be delay or hindrance in all the auspicious processes in their life like marriage or child birth.
Water kills fire and its color is Blue. If Blue color is present in SouthEast direction of your home, you will have severe cash crunch and there would be lack of security as well.
All the government departments like Income Tax department or Customs department belong to Fire element. When fire is weak in a building (Home or Office), the building will attract these departments and the inhabitants will have to suffer from financial losses. SouthSouthEast (confidence) direction is next to SouthEast direction and when SouthEast is imbalanced, there would be lack of confidence which is required for initiating any process.
If you are also facing any of the above mentioned problems in your life, just light a 15 Watt Red Bulb in SouthEast direction to balance its energies and enjoy the positive aspects of fire in your life.

SouthSouthEast – Confidence

SouthSouthEast (SSE) direction governs the confidence required to initiate any process. The process could be a new startup business or it could also be shifting your current job to another one for better pay or it could also be investing in your products and services for their betterment for more gains. SSE direction comes after SouthEast. The initiation of process starts from SouthEast but the confidence required to sustain the process till completion comes from SSE direction.
At body level, SSE direction provides energy, strength and zeal to work for the completion of the initiated process. When this direction has vastu defects, you will feel lethargic and low in energy even if you are free from diseases. At mind level also, if you start a new task and feel low at confidence whether you’ll be able to complete your task or not, then this direction is disturbed by vastu defects.

As discussed earlier, NorthNorthEast direction is responsible for Health and Immunity of an individual. But when SSE is imbalanced, the person will not suffer from any disease but will feel lethargic and low in energy level while performing any task. A good balance of NNE and SSE directions makes an individual strong and healthy.
SSE direction can be used as bedroom at home for making strong personality and at office front, it can be used for making staff sittings who needs to work for long hours to give productive output as SSE provides them the power to do so.

South – Fame, Relax and Brand Building

South direction is governed by relaxing energies in a building and also governs fame and brand building of an individual or organization. The sole medium of relaxation is Sleep and South is the ideal direction for making a bedroom. This direction can also be used for Mediation as meditation provides relaxation at mind as well as body level.
South direction also governs Fame that you get out of the products and services that you offer to the world and it is also responsible for building your brand in the market. If you want fame or if you want to establish the brand name of your product in the market, the energies of south direction needs to be strong and if south direction is disturbed by vastu defects, you will find difficulty in building your brand name. Your buyers will not trust you and will not pay for your products and services.
If you get a chance to meet famous people and observe them, you will find that they are always calm and relaxed. You will also feel a sense of relaxation after getting in touch with their aura. If you get to visit their home, you will have an automatic peace of mind and you will feel more relaxed. This is because South direction of their home is in balanced state.
Vastu defects in South direction causes problems like sleep disorders, insomnia and restlessness. South is composed of SSE (confidence) and SSW (Let go). When you are confident enough to execute a particular task, you feel relaxed. To get peace of mind, you need to remove all the negative thoughts from your mind which is done by SSW direction, the direction of Let go. Therefore, for a balanced South direction, you need to balance its adjoining directions as well.
Toilet in South direction ruins your product’s brand name in the market as well as your image amongst your neighbors. Blue color in South direction also disturbs the fire present here and create imbalance.

SouthSouthWest – Let go, Expenses and Disposal

SouthSouthWest (SSW) is governed by the energies that dispose of everything in a building. The power of Let Go is also governed by this direction. It is necessary to dispose of all the unnecessary things and negative energies from life to get rid of all the problems that you are facing. Also, the activity of disposal must be in a controlled way to create a balance. If there is excess of disposal, or if there is less of it, there is an imbalance at body as well as mind level.
At body level, if waste is not disposed of properly from your body, you will feel constipated and would lose the ability to perform your routine tasks properly. If there is excess of disposal from your body, you will feel sick and problems related to diarrhea and fatigue will occur. This also hampers the functioning of your mind due to sickness. Therefore, it is very important for the body to carry out the activity of disposal in a balanced way for proper functioning of body and mind.
At mind level, if negative and useless thoughts are not disposed of from your mind, there would be blockages for new ideas and also if there is excess of disposal at mind level, you will miss the ideas that comes to your mind and forget your routine tasks which will hamper your performance.
So, SouthSouthWest direction is ideal for making toilet, septic tank or dustbin as these are the activities of disposal and when these activities are carried out in SSW direction, their energies match and they are carried out in a balanced way.
SSW direction lies between South (Peace) and SouthWest (Relations). When SSW direction has vastu defects, negative thoughts will not let go and there would be no peace of mind. I have also observed in various vastu case studies of my clients that when clutter or waste items are stored SSW direction for long time in a building, the inhabitants lack in the ability of let go and they hold their grudges for a longer period of time which results in clashes and fights between the family members.
Therefore, SSW direction needs to be balanced for having peace of mind and happy relations.

SouthWest – Relationships, Stability and Skills

SouthWest direction is also known as Pitra Sthan (Place of Ancestors) and the energies present here govern the relationships and bonding between the family members at home. At office, it governs your relationships with the clients. It also governs the stability in your life and also the skills that you own.
Ancestors have the highest position in our Life and the growth of an individual will also happen only if he is having the blessings of his Ancestors. We are here on this planet because of your ancestors only. We got everything from them and all the skills that we are having with us are given by our ancestors only. Each and every individual is converting his skills into money. So, the amount of money that comes in our life will depend on the quality of skills that we are having or selling in the market in the form of our products and services.
In Ancient Times, people had different skills for making different things like shoes, clothes, etc. and they use to work with their hands and tools to create those things for selling in the market. As the direction of skills is SouthWest, our ancestors use to keep their tools in SouthWest direction. Those who fought for their kings in the war use to keep their weapons in SouthWest direction for enhancing their fighting skills.
In today’s life, reference material or tools that you use while working can be placed in SouthWest direction. This direction is also ideal for making quality control department in factories.
Relationships are also governed by SouthWest direction as maintaining your relationships with your family, siblings and clients is also a skill and these relationships cannot be taken for granted. Any dispute or relationship problems arise because of the vastu defects present in SouthWest direction. This direction is also ideal for keeping your family photograph in golden frame to make strong bonds among the family members. Make sure not to keep the photographs of your siblings or cousins in SouthWest as doing so will increase their interference in your personal family matters.
SouthWest direction is exactly opposite to NorthEast direction. Devtas reside in NorthEast and they give insights for growth when they are in balanced state. The art and skills required to execute those insights is governed by SouthWest direction. As SW and NE directions are exactly opposite to each other, therefore, worshipping Pitras or keeping Ancestor’s photographs in NorthEast direction must be avoided and also, there should not be temple or pictures of God/Goddess in SouthWest direction as per Vastu Shastra.
SouthWest is composed of SouthSouthWest (LetGo) and WestSouthWest (Education or Abhyas). When SSW direction has vastu defects, there is lack of let go between the family members and they hold their grudges for a longer period of time which results in clashes and fights between the family members. This disturbs their relationships which in turn disturbs SouthWest direction. Developing the habit of Let Go is also a skill which is must needed for healthy relationships.
If you want to learn the skill of driving a car, it will take just 5-6 days to get familiar with the process of driving. What lets you drive freely is the practice and more practice of that skill which is governed by WestSouthWest direction, the direction of education or Abhyas.
Therefore, the balance of all the zones is necessary as WSW ensures practice of the skills that you need in your life and SSW will remove unnecessary things from your life to provide ways for new developments towards growth.

WestSouthWest – Knowledge, Education and Savings

WestSouthWest direction is the direction of Knowledge, Education and Savings. Do not confuse Knowledge with insights that come from NorthEast direction. Here, knowledge refers to what you learn in your life, in your school or college in the form of education, from your elders and siblings or the skills that you learn while working.
This is the direction of Vidya Abhyas. Vidya means knowledge and Abhyas means practice, therefore, this direction ensures continuous practice of your talents and skills for their betterment and retention. This direction is ideal for making Study or Dining or for keeping a Fridge as the energies in this direction gives you the ability to preserve things. When study table of your child is placed in WSW, it ensures good retention power and your child will be able to retain whatever he studies in the examination hall.
Parents who complain that their child remembers everything at home and when he reaches the examination hall, he forgets everything should check the presence of Toilet in WSW direction as the disposal energies of toilet disposes of everything whatever your child studies.
When dining is placed in WSW direction, your body will be able to retain the nutrients present in the food. Similarly, the functioning of fridge is to preserve food for a longer period of time, so a fridge can also be placed in this direction.
This direction is also ideal for keeping your extra cash which is your savings, jewelry and property related papers. If you are going through some disputes related to property, the best solution to save your property is to keep the papers related to that property in WSW and hang a picture of village scene in black frame in WSW direction.
This direction is also ideal for making children’s room as a child needs to have more and more knowledge in his growing age to develop his skills beautifully for having a successful life in future. As we have discussed earlier that the building in which we live is a blue print of our sub-conscious mind, different things when kept in WSW create different results. When a television is kept in WSW, your child wants to watch television when you want him to study. When his toys or cricket kit is placed in WSW, he wants to play at the time of study. When a toilet or a washing machine is placed in WSW, the child may study as hard as possible, but he will not be able to retain whatever he studies.
Now, you know that WSW is composed of SouthWest (Skills) and West (Gains), therefore when WSW has vastu defects, you will not be able to practice your skills properly due to lack of knowledge which will hamper the incoming of gains in your life.

West – Assets, Gains and Fulfillment

West direction ensures material assets and gains in your life. All the material assets present in your life, whether in the form of property, cars, jewelry, etc. are governed by the West direction.
The devta residing in West direction is Lord Kartike, the son of Lord Shiva, who has the powers of fulfilling one’s desires, so this direction also possess the energies required for fulfilling your wishes and desires.
This direction is ideal for dining room, bedroom and temple. There are three basic necessities of life – food, clothing and shelter. When dining is made in West direction,
it ensures the fulfillment of one of your basic necessities of life. Bedroom in west direction ensures overall gains and fulfillments in one’s life.
When temple is placed in this direction, all the prayers and wishes present in your subconscious mind automatically gets transferred to the universal consciousness and they gets fulfilled. If you visit temples that were created in ancient times for the purpose of wish fulfillment, you will find that the idols of gods and goddess are placed in West and you pray facing the west direction as the energy fields of west ensures material gains and wish fulfillment.
A drawing room or meeting room in West ensures successful meetings with your clients and also fire in this zone enhances your gains. Fire element is anti with Space element, but still, fire when present in this direction in a balanced way will not destroy the gains.
A toilet or a dustbin in this direction will dispose of gains and cancel your orders when they are on the final stage of fulfillment. West is composed of WSW (Knowledge and Practice) and WNW (Depression and Detoxification) directions. The knowledge of an individual is directly proportional to the gains that he gets in his life, in most of the cases, for example – a person having master’s degree will have a higher salary package as compared to the person who is having bachelor’s degree. Similarly, if your mind does not get free from negative thoughts, you won’t be able to focus on your gains. So, powerful knowledge and the process of detoxification is a must to ensure gains and fulfillment in your life.

WestNorthWest – Detoxification and Depression

WestNorthWest (WNW) direction possesses the energies required for the process of detoxification and this is the ideal direction for making bathing area. This direction should not be confused with SSW direction, the direction of disposal, as SSW direction disposes of waste items more at body level whereas the process of detoxification occurs more at mind level.
When you are in a state of depression, you feel that you are of no use to the world and also there is nothing left for you in the world. People with such state of mind either feel like crying or they feel like destroying themselves. When you cry, you release negative emotions from your mind and you feel relaxed after the process of crying. There may be a situation when you feel too happy after you achieve something or from the achievement of your loved ones. In such situations also, your eyes gets filled with water and you cry out of happiness.
When this direction is balanced, you free yourself automatically from the emotional or mental stress that you acquire each day while carrying out your daily routine tasks but when this direction has vastu defects, your subconscious mind will not be able to release mental blockages and you feel suffocated and depressed. You will not be able to enjoy life in such situations of depression and low moods.
When a building is having store room in WNW direction, negative thoughts get stored in the minds of inhabitants residing in that building and they will always have regrets about their past.
When a kitchen (Fire) is made in this direction, then all the negative and useless thoughts gets burnt out and people feel fresh and free.
WNW is composed of West (Gains) and NorthWest (Support). When you are not getting gains in your life or your desires are not getting fulfilled, you enter into a state of depression and when you get gains and your desires gets fulfilled, you enter into a state of joy and happiness. When you are having the support of your family and friends, your state is mind will be good, but when nobody is supporting you in your life, you feel depressed.
Therefore, balancing the energies in all the directions is required for a happy and prosperous life.

NorthWest – Banks and Support

NorthWest direction governs the support system present in your life. In ancient times, people use to store food grains and other items in NorthWest direction to facilitate their availability whenever they are needed.
In today’s scenario, there are in various forms of support systems in your life. They may be in the form of support from banking and financial institutions for financial support, support from raw material suppliers in an industry, support from the labour department, support from the buyers for buying manufactured goods to increase the rolling of money in an industry, etc.
A support is beneficial only when you get it on time. Acquirement of support exactly at the point of time when it is much needed is governed by the energies of NorthWest direction.
In many case studies, where there were problems related to the acquirement of labour and staff, I have seen the presence of toilets in NorthWest direction. Problems related to rejection of loans and overdraft limits by banks and financial institutions also arise due to the presence of toilets in NorthWest direction. After treating the toilets present in North West direction, the problems related to support gets resolved completely.
When NorthWest direction has vastu defects, your support system gets affected and you will not get support from any direction in your life whether your friends, family, customers, suppliers, co-workers, etc.
When a drawing room or a meeting room is made in NorthWest direction, the meetings get finalized as per your terms and conditions and the deals are done in your favour. When bedroom is made in NorthWest direction, you are always ready to help others and you will also get support of the people around you in your life whenever you need it.
This direction is also ideal for keeping a picture of your Kuldevta or Kuldevi. Like SouthWest governs your Ancestors (Pitra) and NorthEast governs Devtas, NorthWest direction governs your Kuldevta or Kuldevi who provides all the support that you get in your life.
The energies of NorthWest direction are composed of WNW (Detoxification) and NNW (Attraction) directions. If you will be able to detoxify all negative memories from your past happenings, you will live and enjoy your present and you are in a position to attract and connect with gainful people in your life who will support you whenever you need them.

NorthNorthWest – Sex and Attraction

NorthNorthWest (NNW) direction is possessed by Goddess Rati, the goddess of sex and attraction, and this is the ideal direction for newly married couples for enjoying sexual pleasures and intimacy between each other. The energies present in this direction grab the attention of everyone over anything which is placed here. This place is also good for letting your marriageable child sleep as doing so will help in attracting his life partner
The energies of NorthNorthWest direction effects both mind as well as body. When you are attracted towards anything, your mind creates a beautiful picture of it and force your body to possess it. That force is created by NorthNorthWest direction.
You want to travel from one destination to another and for that purpose, you want to own a car to support your physical body. A car may cost 3 lac rupees or it may also cost 30 lac rupees. The car with the cost price of 3 lac rupees is a sense of support and one with the price tag of 30 lac rupees is a sense of luxury. The items that provide support at body level are usually cheaper than those which provide a sense of luxury at mind level.
A diamond may be of no use to the physical body but it creates a different impression on the mind and the mind gets attracted towards it easily. Therefore, a diamond possesses the quality of attraction.
Whenever anything is placed in NorthNorthWest direction, your mind gets attracted towards it and commands your body to possess it by paying the required amount. So, this is the ideal place for making a sample rack or for keeping your finished/saleable products at shop/office.
The energies of this direction are composed of NorthWest (Support and Storage) and North (Treasure and opportunities) directions. It means that what we have in our stock and what products and services we offer to the world will decide the amount of attraction people have after reviewing our products and services.
Fire should not be present in this direction as it will burn the attraction of your products and services and presence of toilet here will dispose of all the charm of your products.
Also, vastu defects in this direction will create problems in married life as the couples will not be able to fulfill each other’s sexual desires which will create problems between them.
When the energies of this direction are used properly and wisely, the individual is blessed with all the pleasures of life related to mind, body and soul.

Vastu chakra

The Vastu Chakra is a complete Vastu Shastra in itself. It is the most handy reference tool required in the process of doing Vastu of your Buildings as well as your clients Buildings. Let’s have a brief understanding of its usage and implementation.

Let’s start from the inner most circle having all the 32 Entrances. As you can see that all these 32 entrances have the colors of Five Elements, this denotes that whenever you find the symptoms or you are facing problems related to any particular Entrance, you can treat that Entrance with the help of Color Strip as per the color mentioned in inner most circle of The Vastu Chakra containing all the 32 Entrances.
If you want to use Metal Strips, you can choose the Metal Strip with respect to the Color, for example – you have to choose Aluminum Strip in place of Blue color, Copper Strip for Red, Brass for Yellow, Iron for White and Tin for Green color.

It also contains all the 16 directions along with the color of their respective elements. The outer most circle also describes the attributes of each directions.


Entrance plays the most important role in any building. It is the first connection between a Building and the Universal Consciousness. The flow of energy starts from the entrance and only the entrance decides whether the flow of energy in any building would be positive or negative.
There are 32 entrances in a building as per Vastu Shastra. When you divide a circle of 360 degree by 32, you will get 32 entrances of 11.25 degree each and these 32 entrances are divided into 4 parts, each part having 8 entrances. Like 8 entrances for North, 8 for East, 8 for South and 8 for West.
Each entrance creates its own effect in vastu shastra. Out of these 32 possible entrances, 9 entrances are fruitful and bring positive energies in any building and rest are bad and bring negative energies.
We can balance the negative entrances with color and metal strips to nullify their negative effects which have been explained in The Vastu Chakra chapter ahead.
We’ll divide 32 entrances into 4 parts, N1 to N8 for North, E1 to E8 for East, S1 to S8 for South and W1 to W8 for West. Let’s understand the effect of each and every entrance in 16 directions.

North entrances

The North facing plots comprises of has 8 entrances from N1 to N8 out of which 3 entrances are positive and rest are negative.
N1 – This is a negative entrance and it increases the possibility of murder of its residents. It also increases unnecessary fears in the minds of residents.
N2 – This is a negative entrance and it makes the residents Jealous from one another. The external people also hold grudges for people residing in these houses.
N3 – This is a positive entrance and gives abundance of Money to its residents. More Male children are born in Homes having this entrance.
N4 – This is a positive entrance and it gives abundance of inherited property.
N5 – This entrance is neither positive, nor negative and it gives a religious bent of mind to its residents.
N6 – This is a negative entrance and people living in Homes having this entrance are filled excessive anxiety and have rude behavior.
N7 – This is a negative entrance for Girls as they defy their family traditions.
N8 – This is a positive entrance for organizations and companies dealing with Banks as it give Higher Bank Balance to the inhabitants of a particular building.

East entrances

The East facing plots comprises of has 8 entrances from E1 to E8 out of which 2 entrances are positive.
E1 – This entrance is a negative entrance and causes monetary losses, accidents.
E2 – This entrance results in increase of expenses and more girls are born in houses with this entrance.
E3 – This is a positive entrance and gives Money, Profits and Success.
E4 – Being a positive entrance in East direction, this entrance attracts beneficial gains from influential people.
E5 – This entrance makes the residents Aggressive. E6 – People living in these homes fail their commitment. E7 – This entrance makes the residents insensitive.
E8 – This entrance results in Accidents, Financial Loses and Theft.

South entrances

South facing plots comprises of has 8 entrances from S1 to S8 out of which 2 entrances are positive.
S1 – This entrance creates negative effects on the male child. Your child will get attracted towards Bad Company.
S2 – This entrance is good for people working in MNC’s and brings growth in their life. They get regular promotions and salary hikes.
S3 – This entrance gives Money and Success. People living with S3 entrances earn Money in their life with their Name and Goodwill.
S4 – This entrance gives money through fame and is good for Actors and Media professionals.
S5 – This entrance gives Debts and Financial Loses.
S6 – This entrance gives poverty and it is the most negative entrance being in the direction of disposal.
S7 – This entrance causes wastage of efforts.
S8 – This entrance makes the residents lonely and isolated, it disconnects them from the rest of the world

West entrances

The West facing plots comprises of has 8 entrances from W1 to W8 out of which 2 entrances are positive.
W1 – This entrance gives poor financial condition and reduces life span. People having W1 entrance die at the age of 35 to 40.
W2 – This entrance causes insecurity in the minds of inhabitants resulting in relationship problems. This entrance also causes problems related to unstable career.
W3 – This entrance is auspicious and gives money, growth and prosperity.
W4 – This entrance makes the residents happy in their lives.
W5 – This entrance gives over ambitious attitude. People having W5 entrance demand a much higher value of their products and services without focusing on its quality.
W6 – With this entrance, expectations of inhabitants will not get fulfilled.
W7 – This entrance makes the inhabitants unhappy and you start getting addicted to drugs.
W8 – This entrance makes the inhabitants selfish

Vastu Remedies


Kuber Ji is the lord of all the treasures, wealth and money that exists in this universe. The direction of Kuber Ji is North and that is why North is also the direction of Treasures. When Kuber Ji is placed in North direction of any space, the inhabitants of that space get blessed with all the treasures of the world.


Lion, as we all know, is king of the jungle. When a Brass Lion is placed in the NorthNorthEast direction of any building, it strengthens the personalities of its inhabitants and protects them from all the dangers of the world. It also promotes clients conversion at work front.

Nandi Bull

Nandi Bull is the trusted steed of Lord Shiva. When Nandi Bull is placed in SouthWest direction of any building, it promotes long term connections with the customers and when it is place in NorthWest direction of any building, the inhabitants gets the support of their customers and source providers whenever they need them.

Surya Dev

Sun is the main source of energy on this planet. Sun has got the highest position in our Solar System. As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, when Sun is hanged on the eastern wall at 7 feet above the ground in any building, it connects the inhabitants with gainful and influential people and promotes business growth and gains.

Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka Pillar is the symbol of Indian Government and when it is placed in the NorthWest direction, it attracts Government Support. It is the most powerful remedy when you need government support and this remedy is applicable for Indian Homes only. When you want to have Government support in other countries of the world, you should use their Government Symbols in place of Ashoka pillar.


An eagle has the skill of farsightedness and eagle can see its prey roaming on the ground far from the sky. When an eagle is placed in SouthWest direction, the direction of Skills, the inhabitants develop farsightedness in them and will start working on achieving their future goals and targets.

Green Scenery

Green Landscape scenery represents Air element and Air represents Growth. When a Green Landscape in hang on the Northern Wall in any building, its inhabitants starts attracting new opportunities in life and promotes business growth.

Kamdhenu Cow

Kamdhenu cow is one of the 14 gems recovered after the churning of ocean by Devtas and Demons. When Kamdhenu Cow is placed in EastSouthEast direction of a building, it promotes fruitful analysis of ideas and converts them into business gains.

Red Horses

Red Horses denotes a powerful flow of energy and when placed in SouthEast direction of any building, it provides a steady flow of liquid cash and also provides security.

Construction Scenery

When construction scenery in black frame is placed on the western wall in west direction, your desire for buying a new property or constructing your new home/office gets fulfilled.

Love Birds

When a pair of Love Birds is placed in the SouthWest direction of any building, it promotes love and affection between the family members. When Love Birds are placed in office or a factory, it improves the coordination between the workers.


A camel has the nature of walking for long hours without eating or drinking anything. Just fulfill its stomach once and it will continue its work for long hours. When a camel is placed in the West direction of a factory, it increases the productivity of workers and promotes gains.

Fresh Flowers

When colorful fresh flowers are placed in EastNorthEast direction in Green Vase in any building, the energy of that building keeps its inhabitants fresh and energetic.

Money Plant

Indra Dev is the lord of Heaven and when placed on a table in East direction, will attract new influential people in your Life and gives you powerful skills to make money. Indra Dev is a powerful remedy and when you apply this remedy at your Home or Office, you get sudden money making opportunities. You should choose them wisely and after proper analysis only.


A Deer when placed in WestNorthWest direction in any building, removes all the negative energies and stress from the life of its inhabitants. It provides speed to the system, improves working and removes lethargy from the workers.

Metal Strips and Color Tapes

Color Tapes or Metal Strips are the mostly used Vastu Remedy in the process of balancing Five Elements. You can manage the cut and extended portions with the help of Color Tapes or Metal Strips. You can also nullify the effects of Toilet or Sewerage in any direction with the help of Color Tapes or Metal Strips. For example – A toilet in North direction can be treated with Green Tape or Tin Strip (Wire) which represents Air Element. Like color tapes, different metals denotes different elements and can be used accordingly for vastu treatments. Like, Aluminum denotes Water, Tin denotes Air, Copper denotes Fire, Brass denotes Earth and Iron denotes Space.

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