Do you know that a well-defined blueprint of your home can give you lifelong happiness? Yes, by applying the correct Vastu tips, you can prepare a blueprint that will bring prosperity to your world and help you get rid of all negativity.

Vastu Shastra is the science that deals with the architectural principles of a place. Initially, it originated in India and has now reached millions of people in the world who prepare proper blueprints of a building before beginning its construction.

It is connected with the designing and layout of a particular structure and ensures that the geographical surroundings boost up the positive vibes of every person who comes in close contact with the building.

This sacred science is based on ancient Hindu and Buddhist beliefs about the structuring of a building. There are different designs and geometrical patterns that are to be used for the different types of buildings such as temples, homes, offices, etc. All these things are defined by the Vastu Shastra.

What exactly is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra or Vastu Vidya is the knowledge of the layout of a building that would bring peace and prosperity to the people who live there. People spend a huge amount of their time inside a building – be it their home, offices, shops, malls, temples, etc. and therefore, it becomes important that the vibes produced by that place are positive and healthy.

Have you experienced sudden anxiety the moment you enter a new place? Many times you get so uncomfortable that you feel like rushing out to get some fresh air. This is what mostly happens when you enter a building that is not Vastu-compliant. Therefore, by incorporating Vastu tips, you can provide all the people who enter your place, a “feel-good” experience.

How does Vastu Shastra Work?

The entire universe holds the energies that are a part of the cosmos that we live in. These energies are both positive and negative and their impact is very strong on the individuals who come in contact with these energies.

Vastu works upon a place in such a manner that it enhances the growth of positive energy and wards off the negative energy in order to create a progressive environment for the people who have their homes, offices, or businesses set up in that particular location.

Why is Vastu Shastra so Important?

Not many people are aware of the importance of Vastu Shastra. The people who live or work in a building that is not aligned with the principles of Vastu are often hit with the negative forces of nature. They may suffer from physical and mental disorders, lose money without any reason, or may even die due to the negativity in their surroundings.

It is believed that different Gods supervise the different directions that determine the places that are best suitable for a particular event. For instance, the north-east direction is the most favorable for building a temple as it is governed by many Gods. Similarly, the south-east direction is the best for building a kitchen as it is controlled by Lord Agni (fire).

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