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Astrology, Vastu, and Pyramid Vastu are divine science that develops universal energy creating balance in each and every place including our soul and the whole universe. This is based on the science and scriptures documented by the scientists and Great sadhus.

Shri V M Joshi was originally from Belgaum. Under the guidance of his father and elders. Received divine knowledge and got trained by many well-known national and international astrologers, Vastu experts, and architects.

In the year 2003 established AstroVastu office in Ramdev Galli Belgaum. Advising and counseling each and every one of their clients in the Karnataka state and other interstates, without any promotion. And visited lacks together people’s houses and given them remedies and resolved their problems for leading a happy life.

We are the only one to offer astrology and Vastu Shastra training for the first time in Belagavi with the accreditation of the Sanskrit University of Karnataka. It is a matter of pride to teach and expertise thousands of students and priests in astrology and Vastu shastra.

We deal with Astrology, Vastu shastra, Pyramids, Gemstones, numerology, Match-making, and detailed horoscopes of you, your family, and children. We will give easy remedies which you can do at home.

We provide the best Report on “Birth charts with a full detailed horoscope. Astrology is one of the wonderful assets given by the creator to humankind is the divine science of astrology. It reduces and unfolds the uncertainties of life, and helps people move in the right direction. The various aspects of human life are what astrology deals with; such as education, career, marriage, family, children, health, social status, finance, etc.
Astrology helps us to plan our future.

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Jotishya Ratna

Shri. V. M. Joshi

Vastu & Numerology Expert

Acharya Sachin Joshi

Vastu Expert

Acharya Vishal Joshi