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Detailed Kundli Analysis Book

A Kundli Book crafted by Shri V. M. Joshi, the best astrologer in North Karnataka. As a certified astrologer and renowned Vastu consultant, Shri Joshi delves into the depths of your birth chart, illuminating your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potential with meticulous precision. His Kundli Books are not mere horoscopes; they are keys to unlocking your purpose, navigating life’s complexities, and embracing a future filled with success and fulfillment.

Dosh & Dasha's Analysis

Unravel life's challenges with Shri V.M. Joshi's in-depth Dosha analysis. Explore Kuja, Shani, Rahu-Ketu, and Dasha influences, receiving personalized remedies like mantras and rituals to restore balance and unlock your potential.


Unleash your potential with a personalized Kundali analysis: discover potent Yogas like Raja, Budhaditya, and Sri Yoga. Unlock wealth, career success, strong relationships, and intellectual growth.

Gemstone Recommendation

Unlock your potential with Vedic gemstones! Consult India's leading gemologist for personalized Kundli-based recommendations. Discover when, why, and how to wear gems for a harmonious life.

Puja Recommendation

Our expert astrologers analyze your birth chart to identify imbalances (doshas) and recommend targeted pujas, balancing your life and fostering positivity through ancient rituals aligned with planetary influences.

Lal Kitab - Remedies

Craft Your Personalized Path to Well-being. Discover actionable solutions to your interconnected challenges, expertly timed and guided by a comprehensive report. Embrace your transformation, one step at a time.

life Prediction

Detailed Horoscope Preditcion Report by Shri V. M. Joshi. Gain profound insights into your life's path, relationships, and potential through expert astrological guidance.

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